Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lagi cerita mengenai emas ...

Bila IMF hendak menjual emas didalam pegangannya, tiba-tiba harga menjunam ... masing-masing berebut hendak membeli dengan harga murah ataupun ada sebab lain ...? Kenapa IMF hendak menjual emasnya menjadi banyak tanda tanya.
George Soros pula menambah pelaburan emasnya .... mula-mula tak berminat.

IMF to sell 191.3 tonnes of gold on market 'shortly'
(AFP) – 14 hours ago
WASHINGTON — The International Monetary Fund said Wednesday it was ready to sell 191.3 tonnes of gold on the market in a bid to reduce its dependence on lending revenue.
At Wednesday's market price of about 1,120 dollars an ounce, the gold to be sold would be worth nearly 6.9 billion dollars.

George Soros doubles gold investment

Mr Soros has doubled his bet on the price of gold
US billionaire George Soros has more than doubled his investment in gold, despite calling it the "ultimate bubble" just weeks ago.
Mr Soros' investment vehicle Soros Fund Management increased its holding in SPDR Gold Trust to 6.2 million shares, worth $663m (£425m) at the end of 2009.
It had held 2.5 million shares at the end of the third quarter of 2009.
The gold price hit a record high of $1,226.56 an ounce in December, but has since fallen back to about $1,100.
Mr Soros himself has suggested that gold will not be a good investment.
At the World Economic Forum in Davos last month, he said: "The ultimate asset bubble is gold." However, he did not say whether he was investing in the precious metal.
As well as raising its stake in SPDR, Soros Fund Management also increased its holding in Canadian gold producer Yamana Gold.

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